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The 14 Plan

The 14 Plan gives you 14 meals to use per week at our All-You-Care to eat location, the 3rd Floor DeNaples Center Fresh Food Company, or as meal equivalency at the DeNaples Center Food Court. The 14 Plan comes with $180 Flex Dollars to use at all other campus dining locations. Flex Dollars that are associated to meal plans will carry forward to Spring when Spring meal plan is purchased. Upperclassmen may use their meals in the Mulberry Street Food Court as well.Includes 12 guest meals.

To sign up for a meal plan please log into MY.Scranton at: http://my.scranton.edu/
Go to:
1. Self-service link on home page
2. Student Services & Financial Aid
3. Dining Services Menu
4. Meal plan maintenance


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