Managing Allergies On-campus

Our Dining Services Team would like to help you navigate our locations with ease. Please contact Jerry Bogdan for more information and to set up your tour of our locations.

Jerry Bogdan, Director of Operations
(570) 941-2445

In the Fresh Food Company located behind the salad bar, we have our Gluten Sensitive Station that features different entrees for lunch and dinner. Chicken fingers and French Fries are available upon request.

In the Fresh Food Company, we offer a variety of pre-packaged muffins, breads, rolls, waffles, bagels and desserts for students with gluten allergies located near our Gluten Sensitive Hot station located near the salad bar.

We offer 5 gluten free cereals.

Our salad bar serves Ken’s Salad Dressings, which are gluten free.

Please note that we do not operate a gluten free kitchen.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to our team.