With Flex Dollars, you can easily grab food from your favorite dining venues on campus to keep you fueled on-the-go. Check out our latest special offers below:

Did You Know!?

Grilled Bacon Burger


Grilleworks has the toppings to create your meal just the way that you like it! 
Add bacon or cheese and build your perfect sandwich

Ready Made Meals in the POD

    Have you checked out the frozen food offers in the POD!?
    Whether your looking for pizza or entrees to make in your room,
    you can find them in the DeNaples and Mulberry PODs!

Sandwich Shack

Avocado Chicken Sandwich
Sandwich Shack in Mulberry POD is making all your favorites or create your own!
Stop by Mulberry to have our team prepare your sandwich just the way you like it
Don't forget the chips! 

The Perfect Side Kick to Every Meal!

    Don't forget to add Craveworthy Cookies to your meal purchase at any dining location!

Get it right here on-campus!

POD Market
    Did you know that Mulberry (Big) POD and DeNaples POD Markets have all the essentials right on-campus?! 
    and you can use Flex Dollars or Royal Card.
    Everything from students' favorite snacks and ice cream, milk and cookies, or board games and cleaning supplies!